Utilize the customer flow
in your stores

With our EXITshopping® concept, we put focus on the performance of the individual stores – and thereby the whole chain. EXITshopping® provides unique insight into the actions of both customers and store personnel. With that, EXITshopping® provides a platform from which the store can increase its revenue – in a simple, efficient and quick way!

See how EXITshopping® works

It’s about improving performance

Modern-day retail chains are challenged by the fact that they have to increase their sales while reducing costs.

Therefore, retailers have to become better at utilizing the customer flow they have in their stores. In other words: They have to increase productivity significantly.

This entails an increasing demand for methods and tools that can assist the chains in facing that challenge. EXITshopping® is our solution – and it is much less resource demanding than you would think.

EXITshopping® identifies the stores’ potential

EXITshopping® reveals performance and potential of the individual stores – and thereby the whole chain. Store by store, district by district, country by country.

We interview your customers just after they left one of your stores. From these interviews we generate data with which we…

  • reveal your present sales performance
  • calculate your sales potential
  • reveal your stores’ sales productivity
  • highlight key areas of improvement for store managers

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Easy-to-read reports turns knowledge into results

EXITshopping® is a unique tool that analyzes your customers’ journeys in your stores in a precise, efficient and valid manner. On this basis, we reveal the performance of your stores and calculate their true sales potential.

We created EXITshopping® on the premise that value always comes first. This means that EXITshopping® reports are designed to help increase hit rate, increase basket size and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The reports contain findings presented in a simple, appealing and structured manner, that allows store managers and executives to easily identify areas of improvement.

Selected references

Our references contain a list of leading retailers across Europe.

We ensure the highest quality

We execute all projects from a 4-step quality control program. .

Thorough preparations

We never launch a project without a well-documented questionnaire. Intelligent software, detailed briefings and experienced interviewers ensure high quality.

Data collection

We collect all data electronically on smartphones / tablets in real-time. Interviewers are managed locally in their native languages.


All interviewer tablets and smartphones are GPS-tracked and location controlled. We validate data in real-time, match interviews with actual store data, etc.


We deliver quick and precise reports that are tailored for the individual recipients, i.e. store reports, district reports, executive reports etc. Reports also include benchmarks and can be done in multiple languages.

Do you want to know more?

We would be pleased to visit and present our concept further, including specific cases, references and contacts that can all give you better insight as to how we work – and how we can help you.

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