About EXITshopping®

EXITshopping® reveals the performance of your individual stores – and thereby your whole chain.
Store by store, district by district, country by country.

The EXITshopping® method has been developed on an ongoing basis in close cooperation with international retail chains. The method combines the best parts of known concepts such as mystery shopping, competitor analyses and customer satisfaction/loyalty measurements and the like.

The result is a unique tool that reveals your customers’ journeys in your stores in a precise, efficient and valid manner. On this basis, we calculate the performance and the true potential of your stores.

Tailored EXITshopping® formats

We adapt EXITshopping® to our individual customers so it includes the drivers that are important to the specific retail branch and the customer. Over time, several variants of EXITshopping® have emerged from specific customer cases.

EXITshopping FOCUS

Only the central performance drivers, less interviews pr. store, smaller questionnaire, standardized reporting.


The classic EXITshopping® concept. 30 interviews in each of your stores with our well-tested questionnaire, adapted to fit your customers. Full reporting on store, district and country level.

EXITshopping PLUS

Extended to include advanced reporting formats tailored to the executive branch and adapted to special store needs. Includes executional advice from a RetailWise consultant on all reports.

Lost Shopping

Only interviews with non-buying customers, with special attention to the reasons of not buying, i.e. triggers, store experience, perceived staff experience, competitor analyses, etc.

We tailor the product to fit your needs

We always adapt EXITshopping® to fit the unique needs and challenges of your retail business, and we always ensure only the highest quality of our product in this regard.

What branch is your business in, what segment of shoppers do you want to attract, how significant do you consider your sales personnel, what systems do you already use, etc., are all examples of some of the topics we will include in tailoring EXITshopping® to your specific needs.

Do you want to know more?

We would be pleased to visit and present our concept further, including specific cases, references and contacts that can all give you better insight as to how we work – and how we can help you.

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